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SwayPro BXW2003 Weight Distribution Hitch - 20,000 GTW / 2,000 TW - Clamp On Brackets With 7-Hole Shank - For Underslung Couplers

SwayPro BXW2003 Weight Distribution Hitch - 20,000 GTW / 2,000 TW - Clamp On Brackets With 7-Hole Shank - For Underslung Couplers
Manufacturer: Blue Ox
SKU: 14-5569
Manufacturer part number: BXW2003
GTIN: 798459087108

Product Details

This kit is a for trailers that have a underslung coupler. Meaning the coupler is mounted to the bottom of the A-frame.

Most hitches on the market use 50 year old technology with clunky steel cams or friction sway controls that correct sway AFTER it begins. SwayPro's built-in optimized sway prevention uses the geometry and tension of a 4-point system to hold the trailer in line. Intelligent pitch angle of the head's design works with the spring steel bars and latch attachments to prevent sway from starting.

Revolutionary signature series rotating latches:
A handy latch tool provides leverage and the easy wind up action makes latching the chains easy and secure. Plus the latch cannot be overloaded and you can back up without removing the hitch. Rotating latches eliminate noise during turning and backing. Wrap-around chain design secures chains so they don't make noise. Low profile bracket design is compatible with most A-frame accessories. Does not interfere with most battery compartment, LP bottles or enclosed trailer frames. If there is interference BOLT-ON latches are available by special order.

Spring bars are made from spring steel; providing a softer, smoother ride.
SwayPro spring bars have a "spring" that provides deflection to smooth your ride and activate sway control. The flex also provides optimal weight distribution and improves ground clearance. There are no pins or clips, so you can't lose them. Spring bars are self-locking. Simply push them into the pivot heads and you are done.

No head angle adjustment needed! Just install the hitch head at the proper height and you're done! No serrated washers, no cams and no shims to mess with.

Never buy a new hitch again, simply use spring bars rated for the new trailer. Buy a heavier or lighter trailer and all you need is the proper rated spring bars. All other hitch components can stay. Saving you money in the end.

One box. One system. Whether you are towing a camper or a trailer, there is a SwayPro that fits your needs

This weight distribution kit is designed for trailers that have tongue weights that range from 1,500 lbs to 2,000 lbs and/or no more than 20,000 lbs of gross trailer weight.

  • The hitch head has evolved; Grease is trapped in the head and a pre-adjusted hitch head, no fine tuning necessary
  • No grease on the spring bars, means no grease on clothes or hands that you may bring back to your tow vehicle
  • Open head design makes it easy to access the hitch ball for tightening - easy and painless
  • Adjustable shank fits 2-1/2 inch receiver hitches - 10 inch Length
  • Quick & Easy install - 15 to 20 mintues
  • Limited lifetime warranty


MAX DROP 2 inch
MAX RISE 8 inch
TONGUE WEIGHT 2,000 lbs.