Blue Ox Weight Distribution Hitch

Why Do You Need a Weight Distributing Hitch?

A weight distribution hitch does just what the name says — it evenly distributes the weight of your payload. It works by using adjustable spring bars and tension to distribute the load of the trailer tongue to the trailer and the tow vehicle axles. Weight distribution hitches in most cases allow you back up without disconnecting from your camper. Shop our variety of weight distribution hitches from SwayPro™, TrackPro™, and 2-Point™ for trailer sway prevention and towing control.  Blue Ox weight distributing hitches

What Does Trailer Tongue Weight Mean?

The tongue weight is the static force the trailer tongue exerts on the hitch ball. For instance, if a 2,000-pound conventional trailer is loaded with 1,000 pounds of cargo, the proper tongue weight of the loaded trailer should be between 300 and 450 pounds, or 10-15 percent of the loaded 3,000 pound total. A tongue scale will confirm actual tongue weight.