RV Roadmaster 422 Blackhawk 2 Towbar & 9294-2 Accessory Kit & Bracket Kit

RV Roadmaster 422 Blackhawk 2 Towbar & 9294-2 Accessory Kit & Bracket Kit
Manufacturer: Roadmaster Inc.
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SKU: 422 + 9294-2 + Bracket
Manufacturer part number: 422 + 9294-2 + Bracket
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ROADMASTER 422 BLACKHAWK 2 TOWBAR & 9294-2 ACCESSORY KIT & BRACKET KIT Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar Say goodbye to binding with this heavy-duty, feature-rich, all-terrain tow bar. Tow your full-size truck, SUV or Hummer with ease and then, no matter the terrain, quickly release it with the flip of a switch. Features
* Tow bar allows you to safely and effectively tow your vehicle behind your RV
* All-terrain model features Freedom Latch for quick and easy disconnect in any environment
* Telescoping arms hook up with ease and automatically center and lock as you drive ahead, preventing sway and making hookup quick and easy
* Built-in cable guide protects wires and safety cables from getting damaged or tangled and enhances the look of your tow bar
* Storage Latch automatically locks the tow bar in place when it is folded toward your motor home, providing effortless and secure storage
* Quick-disconnect system lets you quickly and easily mount and remove tow bar on your own
* Drop-forged steel yoke and SupraWeld steel alloy arms provide superior strength
* Can tow Suburbans, Hummers, Excursions and full-size pickups
* Made in the USA
* Capacity: 10,000 lbs BlackHawk 2 All Terrain Combo Towing Kit For the Roadmaster All Terrain Series tow bars. Kit Includes: A wiring kit with four Hy-Power diodes (if necessary, additional diodes may be purchased separately) A coiled power cord to connect the vehicles, with plugs and sockets for both vehicles (except the Sterling All Terrain tow bar, which comes with a power cord) A bracket to mount the power cord socket A pair of straight safety cables (rated at 8,000 lb.) Two case-hardened steel padlocks (keyed alike) for added security A marine-grade vinyl cover to protect your tow bar A marine-grade vinyl storage bag for all your towing accessories Every bracket design is subjected to computer-simulated "Finite Elemental Analysis". ROADMASTER was the first towing products manufacturer to invest in the software and technology that Boeing, Lockheed Martin, GM and NASA use to ensure the integrity of their products. This allows ROADMASTER to offer the safest products possible for your family. Every mounting bracket is custom-made to fit a specific vehicle or range of vehicles, and to attach at logical points along the frame or undercarriage, for maximum strength and a quick, easy installation (in lieu of specific mechanical experience with similar products, professional installation is recommended). Every new bracket (not just a few) in the ROADMASTER XL, MX, AND 'EZ Twistlock' series (the brackets are described below) comes with detachable extensions which are easily removed when the vehicle isn't being towed no unsightly steel hanging off the front of your car! Every bracket is powder-coated. In this process, charged particles of pigment are baked into the surface of the bracket. The particles fuse to the metal and form a lustrous, uniform and extremely durable finish. ROADMASTER is quick to market brackets for new vehicles, and has the widest selection currently, more than 1,000 different mounting brackets (far more than any other company) which fit more than 2,000 different makes and models.