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Roadmaster 751440 Stop Light Switch Kit; For Mini Cooper

Roadmaster 751440 Stop Light Switch Kit; For Mini Cooper
Manufacturer: Roadmaster Inc.
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SKU: RDM751440
Manufacturer part number: 751440
GTIN: 758306312166
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Stop Light Switch Kit, For Mini Cooper

Brandname: Roadmaster

Part Number: 751440


    By tapping into your towed car's brake-light switch, this kit allows your RV's monitoring system to alert you whenever the brake pedal of your towed car is being applied. Other systems operate according to whether the air cylinder is extended and provide no indication of what is happening with the pedal itself. If your supplemental braking system is improperly installed, it may be continuously pressing on the pedal, impeding it from fully retracting and possibly causing damage to your vehicle's tires and braking system. With Roadmaster's Stop Light Switch Kit, you will always know when the brake is being depressed, and you will avoid costly damage.


  • Activates motor home brake-monitoring system whenever brake pedal in towed car is applied
  • Works great for any application that does not have a tow position in the ignition
  • Wires directly into towed car's fuse box for constant current
  • Made in the USA