Roadmaster 521440-5 Direct Connect Style Tow Bar Baseplate

Roadmaster 521440-5 Direct Connect Style Tow Bar Baseplate
Manufacturer: Roadmaster Inc.
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SKU: RDM521440-5
Manufacturer part number: 521440-5
GTIN: 758306318175
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Roadmaster baseplates are integrated into the frame and undercarriage of the vehicle, connecting to existing holes and fasteners wherever possible, for a quick, easy installation by your local professional. Our baseplates are 30 percent quicker to install, on average, than other brands. There are fewer components to unbolt or remove and fewer holes to drill. Every baseplate design is subjected to computer simulated Finite Element Analysis to ensure structural integrity and maximum strength. Every baseplate is custom-made to fit a specific vehicle or range of vehicles. Roadmaster makes more than 1200 different baseplates, which fit nearly every towable vehicle made during the last 25 years. Roadmaster baseplates are powder coated. In this process, charged particles of pigment are baked into the surface of the baseplate, fusing to the metal to form a lustrous, uniform and extremely durable finish. Made in the USA