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M&G Engineering Brake System Dodge Dakota 2005-2010

M&G Engineering Brake System Dodge Dakota 2005-2010 Includes Coiled Air Hose Kit w/ Fittings
SKU: M&G-404-50
Manufacturer part number: 404

M&G set the standard on RV/toad braking systems in 1987 with this brake system. This system fits most towed vehicles made prior to 2018. To confirm that this will fit your towed vehicle, click here. No other supplemental braking system  The Original M&G Brake Systemoffers the performance and reliability of our original system. This system is comprised of an air cylinder mounted between the master cylinder and the vacuum booster on your towed vehicle. Up to 600 lbs. of proportional braking pressure can be delivered to your toad's brakes each time you apply the brakes in your coach. The heart of our original braking system is the air cylinder (US patent# 4,756,390). This braking system meets all U.S. and Canadian laws, and the patented air cylinder is made of aircraft-quality 6061 aluminum. Once installed, the only thing you need to tie the braking systems of both vehicles together is a pneumatic line connected from the back of your coach to the front of your towed vehicle.

• No Maintenance
• Only 1 Cable is Needed to Connect the Vehicles 
• Optionial Emergency Breakaway Kit Available   
• Limited Lifetime Warranty 
• Made in America