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Blue Ox Ascent BX4370 & BX1129 Baseplate Kit BX1129

Blue Ox BX1129 Baseplate Fits 2010 Jeep Compass
Manufacturer: Blue Ox
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SKU: 14-5752-Kit-Ascent
Manufacturer part number: BX1129-BX4370
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Product Details

Blue Ox baseplates are easy on your suspension and even easier on the eye, because they are designed with hidden reinforcements. Vehicle specific baseplate is integrated into the individual bumper design of the towed vehicle. When you aren't towing, just remove the tabs to make your baseplate virtually invisible.
Removable Tabs included.

Towed Vehicle ElectricalBrake System & Receiver and Tow Bar Locks are sold separately.

Baseplates are custom designed for each vehicle, bolting directly into the chassis.
Uses as many attachment points as possible.
Most Blue Ox baseplates feature removable tabs that leave a clean look when the vehicle is not being towed.

  • Requires no welding
  • Baseplates are hidden beneath the vehicle body
  • All baseplates are backed by a three year limited warranty

Important Towability Note: Blue Ox offers the above baseplate for your vehicle, but how that vehicle is equipped (i.e. automatic transmission, 4-wheel drive, etc.) must be considered when determining its towability. Please read the owner's manual and/or consult your dealer to determine if your vehicle is flat towable and the correct towing procedures for your vehicle. Additional equipment such as a transmission pump or driveshaft disconnect may be required and are sold separately. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in damage to the towed vehicle or personal injury.



TAB TYPE Removable
TAB HEIGHT 16 inch
TAB WIDTH 25 inch